As the 2019 Yankees baseball season was coming to a close. I did a quick year-in-review on the tv show (9/26/19). My favorite part of the segment was having fellow die-hard Yankee fans call-in with predictions and also their all-time favorite Yankee postseason memories. Thanks to TJ, Rose and Tiffany Lynn for sharing their fondest moments. They did a great job conveying their thoughts and emotions, and each chose a different game (not scripted).

On a personal note, I grew up in a Met household. My Father John and my brother Anthony were both die-hard Met fans. My Dad was actually a Brooklyn Dodger fans until they moved to LA in 1958. My Dad & brother had the Met game on every night and loyally followed them from the lean years of their early existence starting in 1962. The Mets played their home games at the Polo Grounds back then and lost 120 games their inaugural season Unfortunately Dad passed away on Oct. 2 , 1969 just days before the “Amazin’s” pulled off the all-time “Miracle” winning the 1969 World Series over the heavily-favored Baltimore O’s. My brother and I watched that WS stunned and with broken hearts.

I grew up a Yankee fan for one singular reason .. Mickey Mantle. My first memory was Mick hitting HR # 500 on Mother’s Day 1967. Those were down years. The team was clearly in decline, and before George Steinbrenner bought the team in 1973.

I was at Yankee Stadium the night Reggie hit the 3 Homers. I ran onto the field after the last out with my best friend Sal, to celebrate winning the ’77 WS. But that’s not my favorite memory. It was the last out of the 1996 WS because I shared it with my family. I was at my brother Anthony’s house. My nephew Gregg (Yankee die-hard) was going nuts, and my 10 year old son Michael & 6 year old Anthony were jumping up and down. My son Anthony created & manages this website for me.

Check out the clip below

Thanks again to TJ, Rose & Tiffany Lynn

What is YOUR favorite Yankee memory ??