The Yankees have 20 games remaining in the 2017 regular season. Their 77-65 record leaves them 3.5 games behind the 1st place Red Sox (81-62) and 3.5 games ahead of the Twins (74-69) for the 2nd Wild Card.

The Yankees are set-up to finish strong. In my opinion they should go 13-7 (or better)which would give them 90 wins on the season. 90 wins would very likely ensure the 1st WC spot but also put pressure on Boston for 1st place in the AL East.

Home Cookin’ :

Here’s why the Yankees should go +6 or better down the stretch. They play 17 out of their final games in NYC !! Of those 17 games, 14 games will be at Yankee Stadium and 3 at Citifield where they are the “visiting” team because of the fact that Tampa Bay could not host the games at Tropicana Filed due to Hurricane Irma (thoughts and prayers to all those affected). This season the Yanks have played well at home compiling a 40-27 record.

To your Health:

Another big reason NY should play well is because they have gotten healthy at the right time. Castro, Bird & Holiday are all back and the line-up is much deeper because of it. It provides protection for Judge, Sanchez & Gregorius. The starting rotation is set (although I will always worry about Tanaka and the torn UCL in his right elbow). Aroldis Chapman also looks healthy again, and this helps everyone in the bullpen go back to their roles where they are most comfortable & effective.

What’s the “Difference” :

Probably the biggest reason the Yankees should finish strong is because only one of the five teams they play have a winning record (Twins), and none have a positive run differential on the season. When you add all the runs scored & compare them to runs allowed, here’s how their opponents stack up .. Tampa Bay (-12), Baltimore (-41), Minn. Twins (-10), KC (-64), as compared to the Yankees who are a very impressive +152 !! Just to put that stat into perspective, only the Cleveland Indians have a better +/- differential in the A.L.

No Excuses :

Add it all together .. the Yankees are healthy, play all weaker opponents, get to sleep in their own beds and eat home cookin’ for 17 of the final 20 games.



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