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The Yankees will break a tradition that goes back over 100 years when they take the field at Yankee Stadium on Friday August 25th. The Bronx Bombers will wear names on the back of their uniforms for the first time in the teams 116 year history !! The names will be player nicknames in most cases. For example Judge will wear “ALL RISE” , Sanchez will wear “KRAKEN”. Gardner will stick with GARDNER. The other 29 mlb teams will also be wearing their version of the promotional uniforms during that weekend, but none will be breaking a long tradition.

Regardless of the team’s colors, this is all about the color GREEN. The “Players Weekend” jerseys went on sale on the MLB website at a staggering price of $199.99. Speaking of green, when Yankees starting pitcher Sonny Gray takes the mound on Saturday (8/26) he will be wearing the nickname … “PICKLES” … on his back.

I think it is a disgrace that the Yankees went along with this ridiculous marketing ploy. Most teams had little to lose and probably embraced the promotion as a way to make a quick buck. But the Yankees had the distinction of being the ONLY team to NEVER have displayed a players name on its uniform. 116 years is a loooooooooong tradition to break.

What’s that sound ?

Sorry to say …

it’s George Steinbrenner spinning in his grave. He would never have gone along with this non-mandatory promotion. Heck, George wouldn’t have gone along with it if it were mandatory. He would have told the commissioner … we’re the Yankees, we’re not breaking a 116 year tradition. If you try to force us … we will see you in court.

After this weekend it will be harder for the Yankee marketing department to sell “TRADITION” to Yankee fans.

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