Steinbrenner Mt.Rushmore

Here’s a unique spin to an old question:

Yankees Mt. Rushmore

We all know that it’s Ruth, Gehrig, DiMaggio, and Mantle. But when you consider those four all time great Yankees played in the five decades that covered the 20’s-60’s, (20 championships won during era) it leads to an interesting question when you consider the Steinbrenner Yankees are now in their fifth decade (70’s-10’s)

Let’s cherish and respect the four old time Yankees and say with pride that no other franchise in any sport has four greater players.

Now, considering the fact that the time frame is similar from the old time Yankees to the Steinbrenner era and when you consider the fact that the 7 championships accumulated by the Steinbrenner Yankees are more than most other MLB clubs.

Let’s call this Steinbrenner Mt. Rushmore or for our younger fans;

Yankee Mt. Rushmore 2.0