Girardi’s “CHANGE” Of Heart

A timeline of Luis Severino's start after Boston, the coaching staff's weigh in on the matter, and my twitter rant about the change up


After I wrote my most recent blog “No change from Severino” my frustration hit an all time high when in the post game after Severino’s nightmare start at Fenway Park we heard the same rhetoric from Joe Girardi in his post-game interview. (See below)

After the Yankee YES post-game show, I tweeted my column multiple times that night, one included me copying in David Cone. I doubled down the next day and sent out my column explaining again that the real problem with Severino was his abandonment of the change up like I have been stating for months. I received numerous comments of support from Yankees fans saying they wish that the media would cover what I was stressing for over a year now.

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Hours later news broke that Severino was demoted to the AAA and it was reported that the reason being was his NEED TO WORK ON HIS CHANGE UP! Did the Yankees realize the flaw with Severino and properly address it only hours after his start? Did Luis admit that he himself was to blame because he is reluctant to throw the pitch that was so highly touted in the minor leagues?! OR (My favorite theory)……

The Yankees read my column that I had been tweeting at them the night of and the morning after and agreed with me. Just to refresh, the above video is the post game interview with Girardi and his thoughts on what was wrong with Severino’s outing. Remember, Joe did not mention ANYTHING about his use or lack of use of the change up. This video below is the press conference regarding Severino’s demotion to AAA THE NEXT DAY. What he says is EXACTLY what I’ve been saying regarding the issue. Listen for yourself.


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Below is a twitter timeline. It’s a slideshow of tweets that I have sent out that show how long I have been talking about the need for Severino to throw his change up.